Curtains API Reference

This is the documentation for the Curtains GUI toolkit. Curtains is an easy to use, well-documented GUI toolkit with a pythonic API for creating beautiful applications on Windows.

One of the key differences between Curtains and other python gui toolkits is that Curtains is designed for python with python. It doesn’t wrap a C++ library, but rather makes the native Windows calls itself. This allows for a high level of customization and abstraction: Curtains isn’t forced to wrap functions or objects that aren’t needed in python (or ones that python itself does better), and it doesn’t expose concepts or constructs that are alien to python programmers.

Another aim is to produce a library with very high quality documentation. No public module, class, method, or function should go without throrough and concise documentation. This, combined with the ease of use of the API will allow newcomers to get started with minimal effort.

Currently, Curtains is in pre-aplha stage. Little, but documented work has been done so far on a complete implementation of the Windows Vista Task Dialog.

Curtains is free software distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.